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Timeless underwear from Finland.
High durability and no visible branding.
Designed and packaged in Finland.
Cut and sewed in the European Union.
Made by our seamstress.

Please send us an email to info@usvalayers.fi with any feedback, question or an issue.

Ombord Oy / Usva Layers
PL 223
00101 Helsinki

Shipping options

By default, we ship single underwear orders using Posti XXS parcel shipment. The package should come directly to your door/postbox within 2-3 working days of shipping. For larger orders that don’t fit in the postbox, we ship to your nearest post office or Posti locker (1-3 days delivery).


If the box is unopened, you can send the product(s) back within 14 days. We will refund you the full amount for the products you’ve returned. We kindly ask you to cover the cost of return.

Send us an email to info@usvalayers.fi, and we will send you back detailed information on how to arrange a return.

Unfortunately, if you open the box, we can’t accept returns or exchanges, due to hygienic reasons. If you’d like to place another order for a different size, please send us an email to info@usvalayers.fi with your order number and the new size, and we’ll send you a discount code.

Why 36 euros?

There are few aspects to our higher price tag

  1. We’re quite confident our products will last you long. We choose thicker fabrics and threads with higher durability. It’s good for both the environment and your wallet in the long run.

  2. We believe in small scale manufacturing. This essentially means is that the underwear is not sewed in large factories, but rather by small local companies or even individuals. Currently, each of underwear is cut and sewed by the same person with 30 years of experience.

  3. Our production and shipping capacity are small. To sustain our small business, and our own production, we’ve set a bit higher price.

Do you ship outside of Finland?

Not yet, but we’re working on it!

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shipping from Finland in 1-3 days. 14 day return policy.