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Timeless underwear from Finland.
High durability and no visible branding.
Designed and packaged in Finland.
Cut and sewed in the European Union.
Made by our seamstress.

Process, materials and durability

Cut and sewed by our seamstress. All of our materials are carefully sourced by us from European Union manufacturers close to our workshop.

Small scale manufacturing and we’re honest when we say small. Currently, every single one of our underwear is made by one seamstress. We don’t outsource our production to large manufacturers. Our current capacity is small, and we don’t keep an extensive stock, usually around 250 pieces at a time.

We design our underwear to be timeless and durable. For version 1 of our underwear, we use viscose fabric with a composition of 92% viscose and 8% elastane.

Durability is essential for us! We want to make sure this underwear can last a much longer time than most underwear on the market. We choose thicker fabrics and threads with higher strength. We also test for the right ratio of everyday comfort and durability. Then go back to our prototyping stage and improve our design. Our testing before we release a new product to the market is at least one year.

Our suppliers have materials tested for harmful substances and received Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate.


We use Pa-Hu boxes. Pa-Hu’s factory is only 25km from our workshop, what this means is that our shipping boxes don’t need to be shipped to us. We pick them up directly from the factory.

Our suppliers

We source all of our materials from the EU.

Made in EU

We source materials from manufacturers close to our seamstress. It takes 1-2 days for postal service to deliver any materials to us. Less travel distance for delivery trucks and no airplanes used to get fabrics to our seamstress.

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